The Falling Man, The Rising Man

I will not show the photo.  That day, September 11, 2001, was a day like any other.  Off to work early in the morning in San Francisco.  Nothing unusual except that for some reason, everyone on the Muni seemed distant, distracted.  A little too quiet. I stopped at a Starbucks near the office and there […]

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Post-surgery: Week 1.5

Well there you have it.  The heart surgery is over and done and now it’s just a matter of getting through the recovery period, estimated to be about 7 weeks, and then it’s ‘go wild’. I often write about how fear controls our expectations, how it blows everything out of proportion and how it transforms […]

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A Story with Heart

I know, it’s been a very long time since I have posted.  I have no excuse other than being distracted.  And that so very easy to happen to me. I’ll tell you the story.  Not uncommon, nothing very special to others in particular, but for me it has profound effect and profound consequences. It begins […]

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Once Upon A Time. . . . . . there was a President of the United States who, despite the opposition of many of those who were in his Government, made great strides to bring his citizens prosperity and health, steady growth and equal rights, all the things that matter in a Democracy.  He was […]


Dear Rest of the World

I’d like you all to know that you cannot judge Americans solely on their inability to be quiet in a nice restaurant, or for wearing flip-flops to dressy events. You can’t judge a whole country just by the few that rankle – which brings me to the reason for this letter. We love our country, […]

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Combatting Racism and Other Forms of Intolerance at the Source: A continued Conversation with Adilifu Fundi

[Adilifu Fundi, author of the books Trouble in Black Paradise and Moving on The Road To A Man-Song Sanctuary, posted a response to a video I reposted on Facebook regarding the remarkable exercise taught by Jane Elliott.  This continued discourse regarding this subject is a remarkable lesson in and of itself.  Please see Adilifu Fundi’s blog, […]

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