Be All That You Can Be

ImageUh… What’s An Asteroid?

People, by and large, don’t really dwell on the possibility that the next instant might bring horrible disaster, life-altering change that will end your world as you know it or worse, create the fear that you’re the cause of said changes.

But when you have low self-esteem, when you’re depressed, when you’re out of touch with your reality, then a little thing like an asteroid is just one more horrific thing to worry about on your list of horrible things.  And remember, this is all your fault.


How to Fight If You Have No Arms

There are those who would run from danger, those that fling themselves into the whirlwind of a fight, and others that want to fight but their reach isn’t long enough.  Take a T-Rex.  He’s got the will and the attitude to get in the fight, but he can barely reach the steering wheel with his arms.

Now, it’s not his fault he has ridiculously short arms.  He was born that way.  But does that stop him from getting into an F-16 and wreaking havoc if he really wants to?  Oh, hell, no.  He found a way (using advanced dino-technology) to get up there and blast that f#$%ing asteroid to bits.  And he will roar very loudly in triumph when he completes his mission to save Jurassic Earth.


Come At Me, Bro

It’s a great day for the T-Rex if he wins the battle.  But it takes that macho attitude, a giant head filled with giant teeth and the dancing talents of a ballerina to overcome his foes.  What can we learn from our vicious T-Rex that can help us?

First: the will to fight.  Not as in beating up stuff or using your giant mouth to dismember and kill it.  Rather, it’s taking chances against the odds, letting go of negative thinking, being in the moment and having enough knowledge to win.


Telling Others How You Feel

The second step is probably the most difficult.  When you’re locked into depression it’s hard to get true feelings out in a way that’s constructive because your will is affected by your mood.  When you’re down, you’re out.  And the people that want to help you win the fight need your cooperation in order to help you make sense of your problem.

If you’re in the middle of mania or hypomania, the same thing is true, but you’re being entirely too outgoing.  What you think is constructive discussion may be in fact unrealistic and nothing unrealistic is going to help.  You need to get to the bottom of your problem before you can get into the fight.


Every Good Dino Needs A Hug

Lastly, you need to work at being the best you can be.  It’s commitment, and maintaining commitment is difficult.  It’s a never-ending job to learn, to express yourself realistically, to accept the fact of who you are.  Acceptance isn’t the easiest path to learn.  It’s grueling sometimes.  And there will be plenty of times where the one thing you most need is a great big hug.  You need support, you need love (and self-love, too).  You need to be the very best dinosaur you can be or you won’t be able to fight in a meaningful way.


It’s Great to Have Someone Love You

There are some dinosaurs that don’t have anyone to love them.  It’s sad, but true that there are some dinosaurs that need very special help to overcome their fears and their anxiety.

And there are some dinosaurs that never look around themselves to appreciate just how many people do in fact love them.  It takes some time to find them.  When you’re hurt, depressed, unhappy, then seeing the people that love you in the right light takes effort because your disorder is causing your emotional and distorted thinking to be internalized and if you just see you, then you can’t see them.  If you have someone that loves you and can help you, you’re very lucky.


Finding Peace in the Jurassic

We all think we know the story: our T-Rex grows up, goes to school, meets that special significant other T-Rex and settles down to a happy life of munching on plant eaters, running around the forest roaring at everyone and everything.  That would be a glorious and very nice T-Rex-sort of life, wouldn’t it?

But many of us know better.  Life isn’t like that.  The asteroid is coming and one thing about asteroids, you can’t always know if they’re going to come down in the middle of your happy suburban neighborhood.

When that asteroid does hit, you’ll need all the help you can get.  I think the painting Mona Lisa with Pterodactyl is a good illustration of where we need to go for some perspective.

The Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile is something interesting to ponder.  Ask anyone about it and you’re sure to get a different answer from each of them.  Why do I bring it up?  Well, that smile is, for lack of a better word, quiet.

Quiet.  Great generals observed how their armies fell quiet just before a battle.  They were saving their energies, pondering the enormity of what was to come.  They were internalizing.

But the moment the general’s speech just before the battle was begun, their quiet became the roar of battle, the roar that frightens the other side into submission.  And that’s what Mr. T-Rex needs to do.  Internalize what you have learned, not what you fear.  Know your enemy and prepare as best you can to face them — and remember, you’re not facing that enemy alone, you’ve got the army with you.  Everyone has the same goal in mind; getting through the battle, winning the day over your enemy and managing to keep yourself from harm in the process.


Let The Battle Commence!

When you’re ready to face the enemy, you’ll be as ready as you can be.  For each of us, being ready is a relative term.  For example, I’d love to have an armored Brachiosaur steed to ride against the enemy.  But most of us are not so lucky.  We have only the tools we’ve learned in therapy.  We have what skills we have.  We have the attitude that we have.  It’s the way of it.

We never know from moment to moment in the battle just who has the upper hand: do we, or does our disorder?  We have the upper hand as long as we continue the battle and refuse to surrender.

The enemy wins when you let them win and not until you hand them that win.


You Don’t Want To Be This Guy

If you want to be happy, then what makes you happy?  Isn’t that your choice?  Aren’t you the only person that’s able to decide what happy is?

For me, it’s having faith that along with my mental health team’s help I can better understand the ups and downs of being bipolar and as a consequence be better prepared to face good (or bad) times.  For you, who knows?  Only you know.  But you can’t do it alone.

ImageDino Space Command Wants YOU!

If I’m prepared as best I can be, if I’ve worked hard to get perspective, then I can join the fight.  And when it comes to asteroids, you can’t do that fight all on your own.  You have to join up with anyone and everyone to find your place in the armada.

If there are enough of you with a single mind, you win.  And between you, your loved ones, your positive work, your mental health team, your medical doctor and the Dinosaur Space Command, you’ll blow up the asteroid.  Blow it up real good.  Save Jurassic Earth and live to drive your grandkids nuts with your crazy, daring tales of how you single-handedly won the war.



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