What’s This I See?


You Can’t Get These Shoes At A Discount Store

Fantasy land.  How many people fantasize constantly?  Girl, some day your prince will come.  Click your heels together three times.  I’m wishing for the one I love to find me, and soon.  When you wish upon a star, what do you wish for?

There’s fantasy and then there’s refusal to see reality as it is.  Everyone knows that reality is what you make it.  But when you’re using the wrong tools with which to view your reality, just how real is it?  Bad news.  Wishing is not reality.  It’s hope for something that hasn’t happened.


What’s Your World Like?

It’s easy to see the world the way you want to.  Positive, negative, undeveloped, overextended, whatever your fancy.  For me, the world is askew, askance, alarming, best viewed from a distance.  Objects in the mirror are closer than they seem, indeed.  I don’t want to see it all.  Sensory overload, you know.


A World Without My Glasses On

When I wake up everything is very blurry, kind of glazed over.  That’s because I’m badly myopic. When I’m up, rubbed my eyes and put my glasses on that correct my nearsightedness, the world’s still a little blurry but at least I can move without knocking everything within reach to the ground or step on the cat (again).

That’s the moment when my senses are on high alert.  How do I feel?  Am I okay?  What’s going on?  Can I get through this day without stepping on the cat (again)?

Maybe.  The first step in waking up if I am depressed is to swear like a sailor.

Oh, yes, I’m pissed.  Why am I alive still?  What do I have to slog through now?  Why can’t this awful feeling stop?  Why can’t I get past the past?

But if I’m hypomanic?

Oh, what a beautiful mornin’, oh, what a beautiful day.  I can see everything with perfect clarity and I’m pissed.  Pissed because people don’t value what I can do, they need to listen to my ideas, they need me and my input.  What, do I have to put up with this forever?

Either way, I’m pissed.  That’s easy to see.  In both instances I’m casting my eye toward a future I’m making for myself, predetermined, attitude and all.  And that’s not how I want to see my world.


Meet My Former Consultant

See what happens when you try to see into the future?  Decidedly mixed results.  In a good mood?  Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll get that psychic cupcake.  Maybe you’ll believe what you see in that crystal.  Maybe you’ll know who that tall, handsome stranger’s going to be.  Maybe you’ll meet the girl of your dreams.


And, Here She Is, The Girl Of Your Dreams

Or, your foray into trying to see the world of your future doesn’t quite bring what it promises or what you’ve been expecting.  Maybe you’re disappointed.  Maybe it’s believing something that is patently ludicrous or worse, harmful.  Maybe you’ve decided that future in advance and you’re just reinforcing the inevitable future that you’re creating.  Self-fulfilling prophecy.  Ewww.  You don’t want that!  You want to work toward a goal, and that goal is something real that you set for yourself and work toward.  Change the way you see the world.


Know A Charlatan When You See One

So, that prince coming, or what?  Where’s my handsome stranger?  What about all that money you said was coming my way?

It’s easy to blame things on a future you’ve created.  Everything and everyone else is at fault for preventing you from realizing that future, damn them.  It could have been yours!

If only I had won the lottery, if only I fell in love with the right person, if only, if only . . .

When you believe your own predictions (or the predictions of others) you’ve set a limit for your future.  Do you think that’s a good or bad idea?  I mean, really, would you trust this person to decide your future?


Time For A Much Closer Look

When you believe in a self-created ‘future’, you’d better pull out the magnifying glass and take a better look at your belief.

The only things that are certain in the future are — wait, there’s NOTHING certain about the future!  Nothing at all is certain.  Nothing is, as they say, written in stone.  If you want to change your world, to think more clearly and to stop fortune telling, then you need to do something that you may not really like.


Shattering Your Preconceptions

I hate broken glass (but love the song).  It’s a neurosis of mine.  I won’t touch it.  I’ll get anyone else that I can find to do it and I’ll stand there and cringe the entire time they pick it up.  I have no idea where that came from — it may have been a result of a car accident I was in — but there it is.  It terrifies me.

But sometimes breaking up your ideas, preconceptions, expectations, these things are sometimes better once they’ve been shattered.  You get a much better perspective about the natural state of the universe: you can’t always keep it together.


It’s A Bag Of Ugly Rocks

So, here’s the deal.  You don’t have a prince, a stranger, or as my mom would say, ‘cash money’.  What you do have is a big bag or heavy rocks that you’re certain are worthless and you’re baffled as to why you carry them around.

But there’s a parallel here.  If you’re trying to see the future, you can look into a crystal ball that doesn’t work OR you can carry a bag of rocks until it’s clear what to do with them.

You realize, don’t you, that rocks are filled with minerals, metals.  They’re possessed of everything that makes up our world: carbon, water, organic precursors to life.  They are the stuff of which we are made.  And if you take the things we are made of, apply a little pressure, a little work and some time, you get —


This Is What You’re Made Of

You cannot make yourself into a jewel without all the things and processes that make a jewel.  When you have done the work, you begin to shine.  When you fight against the pressures of fear, of depression, of opaque thinking, you begin to fundamentally change.  The view you have of the world becomes clearer, you become better able to withstand pressures, you understand the world is made up of ugly rocks and beautiful jewels.  And best of all, you get to transform yourself into any kind of unique jewel you want to be just by changing the way you view the big, wide world.



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