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Anyone and everyone experiences frustration, and I’m certainly not immune.  In fact, frustration is an emotion that I experience far too often for my liking.  So what do I do about it, tune myself out or rationalize with the screaming person inside and fight?  Do nothing and let my frustration knock me down?

You’d think it was a simple answer but it is not.  I’m not a simple person and never was, and being bipolar just makes life that much more interesting.  And difficult.  But it’s so much worse when you’re finally tired of yourself, tired of all the work you must do to be better, tired of listening to people that don’t know what they’re talking about.  Tired of people who won’t attempt to understand what you’re saying.

Tired of frustration.


Speaking To The World

So here’s the biggest frustration of all.  You’ve finally decided to tell the world at large that you have a problem, an issue; you’d like to get some help but it appears that everyone has their radios tuned to some other station.  Any other station.  But you’re there on radio station H.E.L.P. broadcasting at a billion megawatts for a global audience of one.


Problem is, you’ve heard all this before.  You’re the one sending out the S.O.S. and not a single person is calling into your talk radio program.  I think it’s because some people just don’t want to talk to anyone that they perceive as having a ‘desperate’ quality to their voices.  They may not even hear your words but they get the tone, and they don’t want to turn their attention to you when they’re busy listening to their own internal dialogue.  But I don’t believe that of everyone.  There are those out there who can help.


Ignore Him, Ma, Just Shut Up And Knit

There’s no guarantee that anyone will think about helping you out.  Back when people actually spoke to each other, it might have been easier to find someone willing to sit and listen.  But it seems that once we created technology like radio and television the death knell was rung for the art of conversation.  People became more remote, less interested in others.  But that’s not really the case, it just seems that way.  In the modern age you have to put in a little work to get their attention.

When it comes to your frustration being understood it may seem that there are fewer and fewer people that actually care to understand you.  It’s no wonder that people who need help experience so much frustration.  Some people may say that you’re trying too hard to get attention.  They may believe you have an unrealistic expectation to ask for help.

But that’s not the case and although it doesn’t change the fact that you desperately want someone to listen and to understand what’s happening with you, that help may not be immediately forthcoming.  It’s critically important that you to do what you have to do: yell until they are annoyed enough to finally give you a moment’s attention.  Go to a clinic and insist on help.  Go to the hospital emergency room if your situation is critical or if you are considering harming yourself or anyone else.   Do whatever you can.


Don’t Give Up Until Someone Answers You

You have to find that help.  You have to find someone that is willing to understand your need and listen to you.  This is your problem, remember?  This is your frustration we’re dealing with, not theirs.  And I know I might get some flak for saying this but I really believe that if you have a problem, you have to work to fix or change that problem and that means taking responsibility for doing something about it.

It just doesn’t seem possible when you’re frustrated and very unhappy to find someone to listen to you but you can, you must.  This is your life we’re talking about here, not something worthless – this is your life.


Reach Out To Someone

When you’re in need of therapy, in need of interaction to make sense of things, you can’t find it in the wrong place.  Where to look?

Begin at the beginning: reaching out to family and friends.  I know that for many of us family and friends have a very hard time listening because they want you to get over it and stop broadcasting these issues and move on.  But many, many do not feel that way.  There are people that love you that will help if you give them the chance.  And all you have to do is reach out for that help.


Don’t Listen To Your Bad Self

Now’s the time to get past worrying about how others see you.  As a matter of fact, that’s a good rule in general.  If people care about you it’s not because you’re perfect, it’s because they care.  My mental health team cared and they helped.

Listening to the doom and gloom is counterproductive but unfortunately there are times where it just can’t be helped.  If you find yourself unable to think then go get help from someone that wants you to think clearly.  Oh, I know, that sounds so easy, but it is not easy and don’t I know it.  If you need help you must go to the source, for often it will not come to you.  You have to rise above the fray in your head and there is help out there for you to do just that.  But you have to make a move.

Get help.  Tell everyone close to you that you need help.  Call mental health hotlines.  Find a therapist.  Do whatever it is you must do because you are the most important person in your life.

You deserve help.  You deserve to be free and able to function.  You deserve better than to listen to your bad self.  You deserve understanding and you deserve to end the frustration you feel by being involved in your therapy and learning to love yourself.



The National Alliance on Mental Illness Information Help Line

is an information and referral service which can be reached by calling 

(800) 950-NAMI (6264), Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., EST.




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