If There Is One

If there is a God, and only one, then why worship Him in three parts?  Are three parts better than one or just different?  I thought we settled this hash when the Hebrews invented the one-god theory about three or four thousand years ago?  What changed?
If there is a God, then why does the world so desperately need Magic and Fairy Tales that we demand that water be turned to wine, that people be risen from the dead, that someone can walk on water — what is this, we need a floor show?
On Earth, most people worship Money, not God, and if there is one, should not God be a little more concerned about greed and all its attendant woes than, say, who I’m sleeping with, who you’re sleeping with, or who we’re sleeping with?
If there is one, God wouldn’t be an animal. They can be trapped, killed and eaten and while it is true that we do that to animals, when it comes to gods, we preferred historically to do that to god-humans.  We remember his blood and flesh every Sunday.
Here’s proof that, if there is one, God sometimes makes mistakes, even if extremely cute.  Perhaps we could consider this a ‘God-goof’.
The Rich are Wrecking the Planet
Here’s proof that, if there is one, God is making some very bad mistakes.  After all, this is His planet, he made the place, and we greedy bastard humans are mucking it all up.
And here’s proof that, if there is one, God keeps on making the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  Shouldn’t this problem have been solved long ago?  We’ve been praying about it forever, haven’t we?  Hello, is this thing on?
And here’s proof that, if there is one, God should have included an important fact like the existence of the discipline of science as well as the size of the universe and its content in the Bible, which of course, He ‘wrote'(?).  Well, God, if You want mankind to understand its place in the universe You have to show the universe to them or at least give them a rational explanation of its workings and if You don’t, then who’s to blame if we screw up for a few thousand years because You neglected to put this critical information into Your instruction manual?
If there is one, wouldn’t God not really care much if you had a foot fetish or any sort of fetish for that matter? Isn’t that sort of a small, petty thing for God to have to worry about?
If there is one, don’t you think God would ride a wicked Harley Davidson and be cooler than everyone else on the planet just to show that hey, He’s GOD, for God’s sake; after all, humans emulate those in charge, supposedly, and I think we all desperately need to be a lot ‘cooler’.  I happen to know for a fact that I need to be a whole lot cooler.
If there was one, do you think God would allow a family member — His own son — to be put to death in a most heinous fashion to ‘cleanse the sins of the world’?  Couldn’t He just say, “OK, Everybody, Listen Up, we’re gonna hit the ‘reset’ button on this” and just do it Himself rather than go to the ghastly method of forcing His son to sacrifice his life?  Why all the gristly mysteries?  Well, I say this: If there is one, if there is a God, then the lights are out and they’ve all gone to bed, or No One’s home.  You’d think that by now He’d be sick and tired of all the Death and just do something about it.


Hey, you can believe what you want.  So can I.  This isn’t a post to enrage you because you have a different ‘belief’ system than I; rather, there are legitimate questions that surround how we perceive our faith and ideas of a divine creator.  So don’t bitch at me.  Instead, why don’t you write down some really good questions for your minister or priest, rabbi or imam to answer.  If you swallow an answer without thinking about it, then you’re not thinking, and good luck with that.  If your position can’t stand a little scrutiny, then your position isn’t fact-based, it’s faith-based, and if we keep that up we’re never going to solve the problems of hunger, disease, war; we’re never going to gain knowledge, momentum and wisdom.  We will only continue to perpetuate division, mistrust, misunderstanding, hatred, closed-mindedness, separatism, superstition and fear.

And I don’t want that crap.  So get busy and ask your leaders to stop lying and hand you the facts, not the ‘mysteries’.


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