Happy Yeah, Okay, Whatever


I’ve decided to check in on what has come to be the most guilt-ridden, headache-filled, sorry-I-did-that-last night day of the the year.  And I don’t apologize for being away from my blog for so long.  Consider yourselves lucky.

I just wanted to check in.

Okay, then.  Where to begin?  So much has happened since we last met up… I completed yet another course of Dialectic Behavior Training (or DBT); I took a psycho-social training course for Bipolar Disorder; and I finally became, for all time, disabled.  Quite a lot to do since last April.  And last year carried with it a host of conflicting emotions.  But I’ve spared you all the opportunity of reading about my confusion and angst again, and again, and again.

This year is different.  I’m changing the focus of My Bipolar Life because, well, the focus has changed; instead of worrying over everything, I’m going to move forward.  But those pesky emotions will most certainly follow me around, since that’s an inevitability; rather than looking back, I’m going to look forward.  The new and improved mission I’ve set for myself could never have happened without the journey I’ve been on this past year and its positive outcomes.

So I may not check in very often, but that’s okay.  There’s like, a zillion people writing about their experiences with Bipolar Disorder, and that’s great.  But I’m going to be writing instead about advances both large and small that I’m making.  The hope is that you would rather like seeing the positive rather than my constant wrestling with the negatives.

Here’s to 2015!  It’s going to be a hell of a year.



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