Trump: An Unwise Choice For Those In Need

A goal for which I strive is to be in Wise Mind.  In Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), wise mind is described as, “that place where reasonable mind and emotion mind overlap. It is the integration of emotion mind and reasonable mind. Linehan states, “Wise mind is that part of each person that can know and experience truth. It is where the person knows something to be true or valid“.

Venn diagram explaining the concept of Wise Mind

For those of us with Bipolar Disorder, being in Wise Mind is challenging to say the least; when you are confronted with cyclical negative thinking (when depressed) or exaggerated emotional highs (mania), the challenges are even more daunting.

In a recent meeting with my therapist I discussed my concerns regarding the 2016 election and its effect on those of us with mental health issues and concerns.  I was not surprised to hear that many of her clients had grave concerns as to what the future in a Trump presidency would bring; my own concerns were front and center.

I was not shocked to learn of the incredible numbers of people who were affected, I was saddened and outraged by it.

Trump: Clearly Not an Advocate for People with Mental Illness

What Trump has shown through both his policy statements and his personal statements is that he has little respect for people with mental illness. While he says he wants to help their families, he hasn’t said anything about actually helping patients with mental health concerns (other than through vague “reform”).

His apparent threat against another candidate to expose his wife’s mental health concerns is telling. As are his casual insults on Twitter using labels like “crazy” and “basketcase” — labels that clearly demonstrate a person out of touch with mainstream America — one where 1 in 5 people suffer from a mental illness.                                                                                             –  

With the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the inevitable attacks on Medicare, Medicaid funding and Social Security, more than 20 million people could lose their much-needed insurance, with seniors and the disabled being badly hit by an uncaring, myopic administration.

Access to affordable medication would be reduced in favor of increased profits to drug manufacturers and their stockholders.

The ill-advised choices of cabinet member appointees made by the president-elect has caused a great deal of concern to all those in the healthcare community, patients and providers alike.  Another point of concern is the way that Trump views military veterans (many of whom have PTSD or other mental health issues), and whether or not there will continue to be mental health support for them.


Considering his track record, we can expect not only verbal attacks and reprehensible mockery from the president-elect, we can expect every effort by his administration to defund our mental health providers.  At a time when there are more people than ever who need assistance we are faced with a clearly persistent culture of refusal to acknowledge this need as well as disinterest and, sadly, denial that the need exists.


I have no real confidence that the incoming administration will do anything but gut the current system and have no pertinent and logical plan of action to replace it.  I have no confidence that our president-elect has anything but business interests in mind and will do what he can to ensure that profit rules the day and that caring about the mentally ill, our veterans and our seniors are a last-place concern for him.  He boasts so frequently of his almost super-human understanding of, well, basically everything, that hearing sense and truth from the man is at best farfetched.  This man is NOT in Wise Mind.

When it comes down to it, his claims of ‘understanding’ fall completely flat.  It’s worse when you consider that as American citizens we should never tolerate lies from those that lead us and yet the man who claimed victory in this election has no compunction about lying to anyone if it means his ‘win’.

Greedy Business Partners


What we have is a failure not only to represent the interests of American citizens that require assistance, we have an incoming political culture of willful ignorance that feeds and promotes the interests of the wealthy and actively shames those with need.  How this new administration deals with our disabled, the mentally ill, homeless and most notably homeless veterans, the growing population of seniors — how they deal with this reality — is not clear, but what we see is a huge number of mental health care providers counseling those who are affected by the threat of being cut off from the care they need.







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