My Normal Life: 12/2/2016


Good @#$&*! Morning


I got up this morning at the magical time of 4:06 A.M.  Thanks to a horrible dream I had about my ex-husband, I woke up not in the best frame of mind.  In fact, I swore aloud before I even swung my feet to the floor.  My poor kitty Hercules didn’t like it much and made sure to put his butt right in front of my face in protest.

Swearing aloud at 4:06 A.M. is not a good thing.  It happens, but it usually means I am not ‘centered’; as for this morning, I think it was more a ‘what did you eat before you went to bed?’ kind of thing.  But it’s still troubling to wake up to negativity of any kind, really.  At least it is until after the first two cups of coffee; then I can handle most things.  However, before Facebooking, three cups of coffee are in order just to handle it.


I’m listening to Roxy Music’s Avalon, which has become a morning favorite.  My english muffin with peanut butter (which I regularly share with Hercules, and call him with the baby-speak greeting, “Come on, sveetie, here’s yapenudbudda!”) was done, third cup of coffee rapidly cooling off, and the first thing I did was go directly to the Facebook group, Donald Trump Is Not My President, and found a link to the presidential inauguration protest information, and clicked GOING.

Oh, hell, yes.  Going for certain.  Just have to do some pre-inaugural chores, like make a fantastic sign, plan the drive there, remember that day to pack a picnic lunch, and off we go.

Maybe I will use this for the sign along with the caption Come at me, bro.  Probably not, but nice to think about.

You know, I feel bad for friends of mine that suffer from the fear of the coming backward, right-wing, extremist, rabidly pro-1%, anti-LGBTQ assholes we’re going to encounter in this administration.  Already I feel it, the nasty attitudes, the exclusion, the directed hatred, the low-down disgust for those of us that will stand there and howl our dissent, and I’m going to have to grow a little bit thicker skin to stand there and take it, but I will take it.  I will PROTEST in the real tradition of American spirit.

I must remember to use these skills abundantly, often and with purpose

Enough politicking for now.

I’m going to spend today preparing for laundry.  Cleaning.  Playing the piano for at least three hours (and adding some new material).  Most of all, I am going to spend some time for what I call ‘spa day’, where I go from top of head to tip of toes examining, moisturizing, cream-applying, shaving and beard trim – all the fun stuff that I need to take care of to be ‘handsome’.

That should keep me occupied well into the next week.



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