The Consequences of the Anti-Diplomat


This week, Donald Trump made phone calls to many heads of state in many countries with three being of peculiar and particular note: a call to the president of Pakistan who promptly read a transcript of the call to reporters and reacted with incredulity and weirdly, a call to British prime minister Theresa May to ‘stop by if you’re in the U.S.’.  Jeez.

But the most insane of these calls may well be the ‘congratulatory’ call to Tsai Ing-Wen, President of Taiwan, without consultation regarding protocol.  This is not good; presidents who are not yet sworn into office do not upon becoming a president-elect begin dictating policy and making contact with world leaders.  We still have people who were previously elected or appointed doing their jobs until the imposition of a new administration.

Trump has tipped his hand.  He has showed his incompetence in foreign diplomacy before he has even begun his job.  Is this behavior done to gain street cred?

Trump has achieved something few presidents in history have done: he’s become the greatest diplomatic mega-failure the world has seen since Neville Chamberlain claimed to broker peace with the Third Reich.

Never mind that he refused to heed examples of standard protocol in our relations with the Chinese, he’s also managed to make it a dangerous situation.  Perhaps a discussion with John Kerry or even with Hillary Clinton would have been advisable?

I wonder if he is listening only to that rabid mess he calls a transition team and ignoring those with experience who would point him in the right direction and ask him to wait to make those calls, since he is not sworn in, and that would be advice best heeded. Trump, however, does not like being advised.

I wonder if he is simply showing that he does not care for the welfare of his fellow citizens or the Taiwanese people.  I wonder if this is his way of attempting to bully the Chinese.  It seems that no government or head of state is above being bullied.

With additional Chinese presence in the Sea of Japan making both Japan and the United States quite uncomfortable, he’s managed to stir that hornet’s nest into frenzy.  The expected response from the Chinese government is going to be very much the ‘red cape’ to his ‘bull’, if you will.  And his retort will just exacerbate the situation, to be sure.

Or is it his egomaniacal, self-centric myopia and disregard for all things sane?  Are these calls merely the first in a long line of diplomatic hip-shooting?  Will he leave the United States wondering how we can repair all the damage he has managed to do to our international friends once we (hopefully) regain our collective balance and rid ourselves of this demagogue?

We’re left with a terrible sense here in America that our allies and trading partners are never going to trust U.S. voters to do the right thing and find a worthy candidate to place into office.  They may be justified in that opinion based on this fiasco of electing someone so unqualified as Donald Trump.

Certainly the Russian government which seems to have had a hand in his election via interfering with voters via hacks and directed disinformation had a great belly laugh.  It must amuse them to see that with a little electronic ingenuity and some hilarious hijinks they brought to power and prominence someone that desensitized voters would find undeniably attractive and would not hesitate to follow.  They have placed a new puppet in our most sacred institution, our Presidency.

They helped to place someone in the Presidency, someone that commands armies, someone with the ability to launch nuclear warheads.  Let that sink into your brain.

If there’s a well-documented Russian skill it is the manipulation of masses of ‘serfs’ to establish a repressive government and set up a puppet to rule them.  They’re undisputed masters of that game.

They know something that U.S. voters do not: those voters are governed by manipulators, and largely only react.  They do not think of the long-term effects or and consequences of their actions.

Is this all that the average U.S. citizens and voters think is ‘newsworthy’?

The Trump administration considers educated persons (and most especially those that teach) to be a danger to the facade that it is trying to foil.  It is a tactic straight out of the Fascist Playbook: those that cannot see the actions of the oppressor cannot act in unity against them.

Oppressors delight in making intellectuals and the press targets for repression for showing their actions to be propaganda, which is their tool to ensure enslavement through the use of misdirected violence and scapegoating.

Trump fights hard against recounting votes.  He knows he lost the popular vote.  By working to prevent those recounts he hope continued use of distraction will cement him into the Presidency before the popular vote is tallied and the margin of Hillary Clinton’s win forces the Electoral College to deny him his throne.

Trump fights hard to prevent the light of scrutiny illuminating his installation of the super-rich as the governing body.  He uses tweets, lies, more misinformation, more bluster and self-aggrandized behavior to make a smoke screen that hides his real agenda.

The right would force us to live under a government run by the rich, white ‘colonial’ few that espouse and actively use twisted values and corrupted morals to their advantage; after all, they want to control the masses, not enlighten them as to how they are controlled.

Teachers, intellectuals and the press are the first to be attacked.  This is already underway with the publishing of lists that mention names of those professors that ‘teach only left wing values’.

The attacks and lies desensitize those citizens they wish to suppress.  With a subdued press who marginalizes the actions of the right, and with universities and intellectuals put on notice or actively repressed and threatened comes the rest of the game plan.

Next, those they consider to be ‘weak’, such as women, or ‘aberrations’ such as the disabled, LGBTQ, environmentalists and unions, are marginalized and forced into submission not only by the ‘ruling class’ but also by those they have tricked into ‘their way of thinking’.

Those that they consider fundamentally flawed and subhuman are the preferred groups that the misinformed and fired-up mob chooses to openly and violently attack first. After a successful and thorough dehumanization effort show effectiveness, a bamboozled public is only too happy to oblige and act out disturbingly violent behaviors without restraint.

The ‘ruling class’ wants to be the ones to promote and place in positions of power those that are enriched by the suffering of others, as they themselves are enriched.  They know how to wring every bit of a person’s sweat and toil from them and pay nothing for it.  They will deny them food, healthcare, human rights, the rule of law and education.  This is how it all begins the slide into fascism and then to the atrocity that is genocide.

Will our society be handed to those who don’t care how high the pile of bodies becomes because, after all, they know there are always more ‘serfs’ to dispose of the mess they leave behind?

Enrichment by the suffering of others and the refusal to see people as ‘human’ is a well-known, tried and true method of repression. 
Bread lines: will they be making a return thanks to gutting food programs in favor of continued enrichment of the 1%?
When your human rights are thrown in the trash, how will you respond?

I cannot and will not subscribe to their methodology, their greed and lies.  I cannot but believe that the human spirit will overcome their backwards thinking and attempt at repression and their dictatorial desires.  Those that reach for the stick with which to beat those they consider to be beneath them must be denied that stick.

They are monsters, make no mistake.  They are monsters.  We’ve seen these monsters before and have time and again paid the price to get rid of them with our blood and treasure.

Those of you who understand the course of history will undoubtedly be nervous and wary of the way the incoming Trump administration is shaping up.  Just a little research of his cabinet picks and other who inhabit his ‘bubble’, not to mention the incendiary effect Trump has on his ‘followers’ and the subsequent increase in violent hate crime, should make you aware of the severity of allowing someone like him the chance at the helm.  We must resist.

Let me leave you with an image of what we may well suffer under such a man and the society that allows him to not only exist, but to flourish.

A single, low-yield nuclear blast, the first and thankfully the last one of only two that mankind has used against civilians and military.  This photo shows what is now Peace Park in Hiroshima.  Will we all suffer this fate?  Who can say.  Without all of us disavowing and by unity preventing such possibilities, I seriously question whether or not we as a species can live on.  The alternative of accepting ignorance, xenophobia, exclusionism and hate is too terrible to contemplate.

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