Smoke, Mirrors, and Robots


A common theme for science fiction stories is that man, having come dangerously close to committing self-destruction, creates a race of robots that prevent this from happening; we give them absolute authority over us and they take advantage of our gullibility and turn us into a race of slaves.

Another ending to that story is that we admit our ignorance and inability to govern ourselves and as a subservient race we are cared for and kept as ‘pets’, seen as inferior life forms forced to bend our will to ensure our survival, never to progress to a free status as an independent species.

Then there is another, more frightening, more plausible possibility: we fight them, we suffer, they don’t.  In the movies, we win the day and overcome our robot/alien adversaries.  We as a species learn a deep lesson that forever changes us and makes us consider artificial intelligence taboo.  We never again allow machines the possibility of ‘thought’.  This theme is central to the Dune series of science fiction novels.


Robots as depicted in science fiction films are mostly the standard metal collection of blinking lights, twirling antennae, clumsy gait, artificial and obvious.

And then Fritz Lang directed the film Metropolis, where the beautiful robot turns on the working class with the evil intent of disrupting a form of collectivism and the idea of unionization and solidarity being preached by the lovely Maria.  The robot is given Maria’s features so that it can lie to these workers and subvert their efforts and thereby keep them under control to continue to provide the status quo of lifestyle of the industrialist ruling class.

Subversion and control by a soulless tool in the guise of a human body.


We are dangerously close, metaphorically speaking, to a very similar situation.  Donald Trump’s choices for top cabinet positions defy the direction of the agencies that they are to head.  This is subversion, this is recklessness. This is the direction Trump has set for the country: set up those who will cause havoc for the agencies they are meant to assist and who are charged with the task of protecting the assets and citizens of our country, thereby keeping everyone off-balance and confused while Trump works behind this smokescreen.


The purpose of the smokescreen is two-fold; it makes it easy to hide your true intent and work in the dark to suppress those whom you govern.  But it also makes it possible to set up the force to be used against uprising masses by installing the military in key positions intended for private citizens alone, and by setting up the ‘billionaire class’ in the positions that protect and ensure the welfare of the citizen.

This, I believe, is the true purpose behind Donald Trump’s choices for his cabinet.  This is a strategy taken straight out of fascist ideology.  With the Russian interference into our election coming to light, with Trump’s attack against our government agencies that have found this truth combined with his rejection of the truth and his rousing his followers into the belief that their government is lying to them in this regard, there is a frightening conclusion to be made.

Donald Trump is setting up America for a fall.

He takes us for suckers.

He is, in essence, staging a coup.


Trump will keep both Democrats and Republicans confused and fighting each other so that the sleight-of-hand tricks aren’t brought to light.  He will use those he has placed as heads of agencies to perform for the ‘elite ruling class’ and their allegiances will be solely to the rich and the stockholders of corporations that benefit from worker suppression and the continued lowering of wages and erosion of protections of those workers.

By placing generals and other military leaders into positions of control over the American populace and using them to coerce, traumatize and put fear into the hearts of this country’s citizenry, not to mention the  ability to persuade the military to use such tactics, Trump creates a ready arm of his authoritarian/fascist government to take his orders.

This is reason enough to stop Donald Trump from ascending to the post of Commander-in-Chief.  But now that the truth has been uncovered that the Russians have had a direct and undeniable effect on the outcome of a U.S. election, and that Donald Trump has been the beneficiary of this intrusion.  Trump erodes our most sacred of citizen’s rights and responsibilities and the basis of our democracy, our vote.

We must remove the smoke and mirrors.

We cannot allow the influence of foreign governments to sway our political choices of who shall govern.

We cannot allow Trump’s assertion that our agencies of government are ‘against’ him, or worse, lying.

The continued aggression and buildup of misinformation he feeds to his ‘followers’ must not be allowed to continue and worse, blossom into the unthinkable.

We cannot allow America to be turned into a fascist state controlled by those few whose interest is merely what they can horde.  We must not allow ourselves to be fooled into submission and to summarily hand our collective souls to the lying, duplicitous robots whose only intent is to rule without the good of the citizenry as its top priority.




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