Once Upon A Time. . .

. . . there was a President of the United States who, despite the opposition of many of those who were in his Government, made great strides to bring his citizens prosperity and health, steady growth and equal rights, all the things that matter in a Democracy.  He was gentle but firm, he was wise but had an open mind, and he loved his country more than tongue could tell.


He guided his people though many storms.  He fought against those that would harm his citizens great and small.  He and his lovely family were a shining example to the people.  The President told them time and again, “Yes, We Can.”

It was the people who benefitted from his term.  It was the men, women and children who were sick that found care available to them because the President knew that his constituency was the most important responsibility anyone could ever have.  The people needed to be cared for, tended to, mended if the need was there, fed, and housed.  Most importantly, they needed respect and love.

Yet in the dark of night those who would take away the rights of the people met in virtual secrecy to plot the overthrow and subjugation of the people.  These men and women did not care at all about the child that lay dying, the child unfed, unclothed and unloved.


They sought to line the pockets of the already wealthy members of their ‘class’ by taking the food from the mouths of those poor children.

The soldiers that had gone to war against the foes of the people and served the great nation with dignity came home to no homes at all, for those who did not want the good President to succeed had done everything they could think of to stop him from caring for those soldiers.


If the good President of the People did a good thing, they made every effort to stop him.  They did not care for the people; the only thing they truly wanted was division, to cause the good people to believe that our President was a failure.

And, sadly, they managed to sway many of the people who came to believe them.

And those who believed the dark men came together in heated ignorance, not caring about the child, not caring about the sick among them, not caring for those that did not have a home, not caring for those whose rights were trampled.


They brought to power a man who lied to them to get their vote.  They placed in the highest of offices a man who held no regard for the child of need, the man in want, the woman in pain.  They did it because they were too frightened by what the candidate said, and it made them afraid.

They did not see that the man was lying to them.  They were given free rein to hate, to exclude, to prevent, to occlude.  They were let loose to do the things of which their candidate approved, whether he said it or merely implied his approval.


They proclaimed him the new president.  The beginning of a new era dawned in their hearts where it was acceptable to beat and terrorize those who were different from them, the ones they feared.  They stood and cheered the coming of a new savior who will make their world into what they imagine is the perfect world – for them.


They proclaimed it FIRST DAY.  But the citizens who saw those of darkness rise to power proclaimed it LAST DAY.

As the good President left his office he tried his best to assure the citizens that there were good people, even among those that had been persuaded by the dark man, and tried to calm them by being strong, by being the example of grace and strength that they knew him to be.

For some that was good enough for them; they said to themselves that if the kind president said such things, it must be so.

Yet for the great majority of the good citizens of the country, the accession to power of the men of the dark meant that they would always remember it as LAST DAY.


The LAST DAY they would have a President of grace and reason.

The LAST DAY they would live with good men at the helm of their society.

The LAST DAY of being cared about by the majority of those tasked with the protection of those citizens who were not only good Americans but patriots.

The LAST DAY of peace for some time to come.


The LAST DAY they would tolerate the lies and secrecy of the incoming president who, in fact, considered himself and his family as ROYALTY.

The LAST DAY they would tolerate the progress of their country to be reversed.

The LAST DAY they would tolerate the rise of fascists into power.

So in all the land, the questions were raised: how did we allow this, how did we get here, and what can we do to stop the dark men from harming our children, how can we save our sick, our poor, our hungry, our homeless, our downtrodden, from the hatred and lies the dark men will bring?


Listen to reason, said the President of the People as he left his office.  Fight the dark with the light, the hate with love, and be first and foremost a believer in the truth that Democracy can be.


Make the changes and use your collective raised voices to do it.  Stand for what you believe in, expose the lies, unearth the truth, and most importantly, BE THE INSTRUMENT OF CHANGE.

It is not the LAST DAY.  It is the FIRST DAY of our fight to stop the darkness and to bring our country into the light, where it belongs.

Goodbye, Mr. President. You were the best champion we could have had, and we will remember. We will be what you wish, and that is to be the guardians of Democracy and of the Constitution. We fight the dark.




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