Disclaimer – Oh, yeah, I got one

I am not a professional anything.

I don’t know what’s good for you other than spinach or other fiber.  Beyond that, it’s your call.  Only you know what’s good for you.  Hell, I may barely know you.

I know what’s good for me (sometimes).  I’m a work-in-progress after a long period of mental illness without help but now, I have help, and that’s a good thing for me — and a whole lot less ranting for you.

I want what’s good, for you, for me.  If it ain’t good, I either want to fix it or throw it out in the trash.  If you disagree with something I said then by golly at least I know you’re paying attention to what I’m saying.

Check out the links on this blog.  Maybe you can use them, maybe not.  If you know other good links, tell me.  But I search hard for these links and if you don’t use them, well, maybe no one will, and oh, how sad that would be, not to mention a complete and total waste of my time and energy.  It’s not like I couldn’t spend the time at things more profitable and wise like watching science programming or chasing my cat.

Lastly, read the blog.  Seriously.  Read it.  I might ramble a bit but what I have to say is important to me at least.  Maybe you should let me know what you think.   Or leave a festive comment on the post, that would be nice.

By the way, before anybody  freaks out over the use of photos or other materials on my blog – if you believe that your copyright has been infringed in any way, just tell me which photo in which blog post and that photo comes down – if you can prove that you have the copyright.  I usually use Google Images and search for images that are free to use or share so that this doesn’t cause a problem but in the event you have an issue, don’t expect cash for your image since I don’t have any cash and if I did it sure as hell wouldn’t go to you.

Or just get in touch anyway, what the hell, I’m just hanging around doin’ things n’ such.


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