An Examined Year

The tasks are done and the tears are shed. Yesterday’s errors let yesterday cover; Yesterday’s wounds, which smarted and bled, Are healed with the healing that night has shed. – Sarah Chauncey Woolsey In all of my long life I have never had a year such as 2013.  A year of desperation, upheaval, confusion and […]

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Hanging On In Quiet Desperation

I have a task before me that in most ways and by most people considered dangerous: I have to make a new life. Making a new life is not easy.  It’s scary, insecure, uncertain.  It’s a task filled with anxiety and as someone who suffers from plenty of anxiety already it could mean making a […]

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Come In, Sir, Your Room Is Ready

I’m heartsick.  Brain-sick.  Sick, sick, sick and tired. I’m sick of liars, sick of fakes.  Sick of inconsiderate and ingenuous people that say one thing and do another; I’m sick of being told no.  I’m sick of being who I am, sick of being impatient, sick of being me.  I’m sick of everything that’s shoved […]

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GEODE There comes a time when Beaten down the fine grains be, Washed in seas most harsh and grey, Piled upon a harder land. Wishing that it would not be, I know the reason for it: The grains stack one by one, Together, hiding secrets. They cover up my heart, The knowing hope within; Each […]

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Just Say YES

It is rather difficult to make any headway in the world when the only way you can progress is to wait for an answer from someone that either will, can’t or won’t say a simple three-lettered, one-syllable word. I’ve been doing all that I can to ensure that things move in a positive direction on […]

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Make It Stop

Ugh, I’m SO Disgusted With It These days have actually been pretty hard on me.  I’m entirely to blame for that and I admit my culpability.  I’m not sure why but I’ve managed to invite an old friend to my party named self-torture.  And like the proverbial ‘guest that wouldn’t leave’, well, he won’t leave. […]

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And In This Corner . . .

There’s Nothing Like Taking It On The Chin Well, I can’t say I didn’t see it coming.  When there’s a 280-pound muscle man about to clock you, you might have time enough to dodge the punch.  But not always.  There’s that moment when you know you’re going to lose a couple of teeth, split a […]

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