Thanks A Bunch. No, Really.

Ah, the holidays.  Can’t stand them and love them all at once.  But there’s one among them that, as much as I love food, I really rather don’t care for, and I think this turkey’s got it about right. Everyone has an idealized set of childhood memories concerning Thanksgiving.  For me it is bundling up […]

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My Sister, My Hero

This is my sister Allyson, and it’s her BIRTHDAY! Everyone has a hero in the family.  Mine is my sister.  She’s my hero for a million reasons, but first and foremost she’s my hero because there is no one on the earth that’s close to me that has ever embarked on the journey that my […]

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Happy Birthday, My Friend

A real, true and imperfect friendship comprises moments of turmoil and remarkable understanding, exquisite pain that cannot be uttered, joyous exclamation.  There are lights of understanding of the love of vibrant life and candles lit in darkest grief; death is the great divide and sadly has the last word. It was twenty years ago this […]

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Mommy, I Dropped My Popsicle

WHAAAAAAH!  Buy Me Another Right NOW! I grew up in a family with eight kids and two parents that worked night and day to make things happen for us.  There were the occasional treats but as a rule those treats were few and far between compared to lots of kids I knew.  I realized that […]

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